List of Top 15 Best Opening Punjabi Movies


There was a time when Punjabi movies were only screened in Punjab but now in last few years Pollywood movies have gained new markets. Now Punjabi movies are not only being screened in India but they earn good amount abroad, thanks to the Punjabis living overseas. This has not only raised the standards of Punjabi Cinema but also brought the Bollywood actors of Punjabi origin to work in Punjabi movies. Punjabi film are expanding their business with every passing week and the number of big Punjabi releases are also increasing.

Last year Punjabi cinema got it’s first film in form of Jatt & Juliet 2 which collected more than 1 cr. on day one. This year Punjab 1984 & Disco Singh took the box office by storm and became the second and third highest opening Punjabi movies. Later released Jatt James Bond also earned good and it is on 5th spot. Film collected 76 lacks on day 1 and 2.68 crore nett all India ( 2.38 cr in East Punjab and 30 lacks in rest of India) over weekend. The latest release Double Di Trouble starring Dharmendra took 8th spot and earned 64 lacks.

Below is a list of Top 15 opening Films

Rank                         Film                                 Opening Day Nett. Collections

1.                      Jatt & Juliet 2                           1.26 Cr.

2.                     Punjab 1984                             1.02 Cr.

3.                     Disco Singh                                1.00 Cr.

4.                     Jatt & Juliet                               o.78 Cr.

5.                     Jatt James Bond                      0.76 Cr.

6.                     Bhaji In Problem                     0.75 Cr.

8.                    Double Di Trouble                   0.64 Cr.

9.                    Carry On Jatta                           0.63 Cr.

10.                   Romeo Ranjha                          0.62 Cr.

11.                   Lucky Di Unlucky Story         0.61 Cr.

12.                   Mirza- The Untold Story        0.60 Cr.

13.                   Naughty Jatts                              0.59 Cr.

14.                   Singh vs Kaur                              0.47 Cr.

15.                    Daddy Cool Munde Fool        0.46 Cr.

Jatinder Pabla